Prosjekttittel: Increased and market-adapted production of grain legumes in Norway to increase self-sufficiency of plant proteins for food and feed

Kortnavn: FutureProteinCrops

Prosjektets varighet: 2022 - 2025


Hovedmål: Provide necessary knowledge, materials and tools for future efficient and sustainable breeding and production of grain legumes in Norway. ​


  • Development management strategies to increase yield and improve quality for food and feed
  • Generate knowledge necessary to facilitate integrated pest management strategies
  • Identify and characterize promising accessions and international varieties that can serve as a starting point for faba bean and peas national variety development
  • Identify quality criteria to be established for food and feed of the Norwegian produce
  • Develop strategies for the market-adapted Norwegian production of grain legumes

Prosjekteier: NMBU

Kontaktperson: Anne Kjersti Uhlen



NMBU, NIBIO, NOFIMA, Graminor, FKA, Norgesfôr, NLR


University of Helsinki, University of Saskatchewan, Natural Resources Institute, Universität Kassel, NordGen, Nordic Seed A/S

Finansiering: FFL/JA